Seven real flying vehicles that actually

Seven real flying vehicles that actually


Volocopter is a german-made air taxi that started as a model in 2011. the company's motto is we bring urban air mobility to life and they have truly made it into a reality volocopter is a single passenger air vehicle that runs completely on electricity this not only serves the purpose of eco-friendliness but also brings us closer to sustainable power dependability in 2018 the company obtained flying permits for all its volocopter 2x versions velocity the new product of the company is designed to be commercially used it'll become the first commercially licensed volocopter that is designed according to the high standards of the european aviation safety agency

If you're worried about safety then you don't have to everything is taken care of 100 microprocessors which ensure stability and control of the volocopter and did you know even if the pilot lets go of the control stick the volocopter will take control and hold its position.


Terrafugia has designed built and tested many concepts before landing on the tfx this flying vehicle's design is just like how we used to imagine flying cars it's a four-seater hybrid flying vehicle that has a design that matches a car and unlike airplanes parafugia tfx does not require a runway to take off it can even be used on uneven ground you can park it just like a normal car in your garage and when you want to take it out for a flight simply drive it to an open space and zoom off the road it flies up vertically eliminating the need for a good run up the tfx offers up a 200 mile per hour cruise speed and 500 miles of rain after landing it transforms into a car in a matter of seconds then you can use it like a normal car


Jetpack looks just like the video game flying vehicle that you've been riding for years while riding you'll feel like you're sitting on a sports bike but you won't be driving on the road you'll be flying it's the world's first flying motorcycle with a maximum speed of 150 miles per hour

The company has rolled out two versions of jetpack recreational and military or commercial speeder the farmer's mission is to offer a recreational and fun thing for people and the latter's goal is to save lives imagine riding on a motorcycle with wind flowing through your hair racing at 100 miles an hour and when you look into the mirror you just see clouds quite interesting right the additional benefit is that it takes off vertically from almost anywhere the jetpack is said to be the world's first personal motorcycle aircraft that's powered by a turbine and equipped with completely stabilized vertical takeoff features the military version can take you across town at incredible speeds soldiers wouldn't even require a lot of training as the jet pack can fly itself and in military operations the jet packs can be employed as a swarm or even as individual units plus they can fly autonomously as well.


In 2017 renault float a concept car emerged as a winner in the design competition held by renault and central saint martins the designer yoon chen chai and his students had to come up with an innovative design of a car that emphasizes electric power autonomous driving and connected technology so they came up with the renault flow it's a hovering car concept that has autonomous driving applications and what's extraordinary about the concept is that multiple bubble-shaped cars connect with each other and later disconnect when they reach their respective destinations it's designed to carry one or two people but multiple people can travel together thanks to the magnetic belt that surrounds the exterior of these bubble vehicles the bubble vehicles do not use wheels but magnetic levitation this gives them the flexibility to move in any direction instantly the float even has transparent exterior glass and silver glass seats making it look extremely irresistible to sit in five black fly the opener company is seeking to build a revolutionary flying vehicle that can take people places they never imagined going and at the price of an suv.


Is still in testing and so far they've tested more than three thousand flights with payloads so you can expect it to hit the market soon.

Blackfly looks like a futuristic flying car that we all have been eyeing for

However it's not exactly the flying car we've been hoping for

It's a vertical takeoff and land vertically vehicle that travels at a speed of 62 miles per hour but the flying vehicle's onboard battery discharges after just 25 miles of flying kind of a bummer right but if you buy it in canada the speed and range would be more as in the usa version the us faa regulations have limited its speed and range the plus point of black fly is that it can easily be fitted into a trailer but you will require two small carts to move it once it's on the ground.

If you're wondering about your safety then don't blackfly is well equipped with three fail-safe flight systems including a glide mode in case the power fails.


The vallante's design is completely futuristic and unlike any other designs that you'll see

Electrification and autonomous technologies to bring an amazing flying autonomous vehicle

7 - EHANG 184

Ehang is a china-based company that develops and manufactures autonomous aerial vehicles for passenger use the ehang 184 was announced by the company in early 2016 and later that year it was introduced at the consumer electronics show as the world's first autonomous aerial vehicle capable of transporting passengers from one place to another if you're wondering why the name 184 one represents the number of passengers it can carry eight the number of propellers on it and four the number of arms ehang 184 is a passenger autonomous flying vehicle that's designed to transport a single passenger you can expect it to cruise at a maximum of 81 miles per hour and a maximum range of 9.9 miles after which the batteries need to be recharged ehang started testing the 184 version in 2015 and it started carrying passengers since then it made 40 journeys till releasing its video in 2018.

During these three years the ehang 184 was tested under adverse weather conditions with gummies of course such as storm force winds in low visibility and even at an altitude of a thousand feet it's quite like a personalized flying vehicle that can help you move aerially and reach your destination without getting stuck in traffic.