7 amazing cars that seem to have come to us from the future

7 amazing cars that seem to have come to us from the future


If you're fascinated by futuristic car designs that perfectly resonate with urban mobility and richness then rolls-royce vision next 100 is the car you've been looking for Rolls Royce is known to produce some of the most royal cars in the world they're widely popular for their perfection to the minut detail the vision next 100 is a luxurious personal mobility that will become your retreat spot from all the harshness of the world a place where you'll feel ultimate comfort and a sense of true privacy the future belongs to artificial technology and rolls-royce vision next 100 has given it a personality a name and a soul her name is Ellen you're smart companion.

It's a car of the future that's why it will be built on the chassis of the future a hand-built chassis made out of the most advanced materials and powered by an absolute zero emitting power train.

Just like a king you will travel with all the luxury and not even harm the environment a responsible and rich king and diamond.


Bugattis 16c Galibier was Bugattis project of introducing the world with a luxurious fastback car that would make everyone ah in its elegance beauty and high performance the 16c Galibier was first unleashed in an invite-only event held in motion France in September 2009 it would have been one of the most luxurious and uncompromised quality Ford or fastback cars in the world that offers exceptional design one of the most striking features about Bugatti 16c Galibier is its bonnet the spotlight feature that attracts everyone's attention is its twin opening bonnet that opens in two parts Volkswagen famous for its performance and uncompromised high quality has created a true automobile beauty the bugatti 16c Galibier features a sleek spinal line that runs from the nose to the tail of the car intersecting three body parts it suddenly starts from the bonnet goes over the windshield and is presented as a polished metal rod and drops it on the rear side as a third brake line it beautifully integrates with the overall design of the car the cabin of the 16C Galibier is made to make the people sitting inside feel like kings the cabin features four bucket seats that are artfully sculpted and offered spacious room for passengers to add to the richness of the car the dashboard is uncluttered and features two analog instrumentation for everyone to see while a digital instrument panel is present on the backside of the steering wheel for the driver.

Unlike other concept cars Bugatti 16c Galibier is very close to manufacturing in fact in the past multiple news surfaced in the media at different times about the production of this car so it's very safe to say if everything goes well you can see this beautiful beast on the road soon.


Mazda vision coupe can be seen as designers best work elegance beauty and power of combined to make this car it's a 350 horsepower four-door luxury coupe car that not only represents royalty but gives the rider and unforgettable powerful ride the outer surface of the car has beautiful eye catchy curves that align well with aerodynamics and looks aesthetically magnificent but don't get fooled by its beauty paws Division Coupe is a rear-wheel drive car featuring a staggering 350 horsepower engine that would zoom away in seconds according to the rumors Mazda vision coupe is all set to hit the roads and showrooms by 2022 so if you've fallen in love with this powerful beauty you can hope to see it on the production line and maybe in the showroom soon.


Just like the saying two souls in a body mercedes-benz IAA concept is like two cars in a single car the first car is one of the most aerodynamically sound cars and the other is a luxurious four-door coupe a perfect combination for a modern age King once the car reaches 80 km/h with the touch of a button it transforms its shape from exceptionally captivating Beauty to an aerodynamically sound car by extending eight segments at the rear and extending its front flaps the use of active Rams technology keeps the air away from the wheel arches by altering the cupping and reducing them to zero the interior design of this eye-catching and captivating car is aimed at providing an idea of what the near-future saloons may look like thus I can safely say that the interior design will be as breathtaking as the outer design and shape transforming functionality in the styling of the car takes us back to the 30s when mercedes-benz was making streamlined cars let's hope we get to see the IAA concept in real life on the road soon.


Volvo concept U is designed to revolve around the driver and passengers that sit inside it that is you the key takeaway about concept U is the driver aided system that senses its requirements and automatically comes into play the car would be using four-cylinder engines instead of the six-cylinder engines used in Volvo cars but the four-cylinder family will be much more fuel efficient than the ones it's going to replace the concept u combines the sleek exterior design with high-tech and beautiful interior the interior is charming and follows Scandinavian culture and adopts the design concept from Danish design house Georg Jensen and carpet from Swedish brand cashed all volvo concept u is designed for the future and that's why the designers have removed buttons and knobs and replaced them with touchscreens and gesture detecting technology the interior not only offers high-tech controls and premium materials but an uncluttered space to the riders by offering for individual floating seats whatever premium quality and styling materials you can think of volvo concept U has got it all because it's designed for you.


Genesis unveiled a new new york concept luxury sport sedan with exceptionally elegant and athletic aesthetics the exterior of the car is a prime example of well balanced proportions and refined surface treatments that gave this car as smooth beautiful and elegant touch just like the exterior of the car the interior is eye-catching with a combination of advanced technologies and a completely luxurious setting that contrasts the connection between technology and comfort the advanced innovative technology along with the exceptional design elegance emphasizes the rich Korean culture the modern lifestyle inspired comfort and design along with the high-performance powertrain of Genesis will make you feel royal.


The EXP 12-speed 6e is truly a bold statement from Bentley about the future of luxury mobility that houses an electric powertrain with its groundbreaking design and high performance in an electric powered car this can be the flagship of luxury sports urban mobility by sitting inside this luxurious sports car you can maneuver through the entire onboard controls that include navigation entertainment and climate control this will make you feel like you're the center of attention and everything is under your control Bentley's flagship traditional craftsmanship along with intuitive technology and sleek body design all inside an electric powered car make it a really special modern vision of the near future of mobility you.