Top 10 powerful cars in the world

Top 10 powerful cars in the world


The German company Apollo automobile has brought intense emotion into reality with Apollo ie the exterior design is inspired from airflow insects and marine animals this gives the Apollo ie these smooth curves and extremely aerodynamic exterior follow ie is not just aesthetically beautiful but it's very powerful to being a mid-engine sports car its engine works hard at 780 horsepower and the powerful beast zooms off at a top speed of 335 kilometers an hour one of its best features is Kevlar safety and integrated fire suppression systems these are used for added safety when you take a ride in this powerful beauty you'll not only feel its power emerging from the engine and onto the road but you will feel completely safe thanks to the new carbon fiber front rear inside crash safety structures.

the company priced Apolo IE and 2.7 million dollars when it launched just ten cars in the world.


McLaren p1 is a mid-engine rear-wheel drive sports car that's designed using a carbon-fiber monocoque and a roof structure safety cage concept it's a limited-production hybrid plug-in sports car with the engine hustling at a thousand horsepower in top speed of 320 kilometers an hour yes you heard that right McLaren p1 GTR uses hybrid power technology similar to Formula One McLaren priced each car at 3.1 million dollars and there are only three hundred seventy five units of this mighty beat so if you're planning to get your hands on McLaren p1 you can probably do it in an option McLaren is not planning to extend its production so you can only expect the prices to go up.


You've seen cars with carbon honeycomb structures but this sports car is made up of titanium yeah you heard that right this is the only titanium car in the whole world but this magnificent sports car is not all about titanium it's very fast - with a thousand horsepower engine this car can zoom off at a top speed of 353 kilometers an hour you'll feel like you're flying

Did you know vulcano titanium sensual surface transitions were inspired from the blackbird sr-71 the fastest plane in 2013 another striking feature of this spectacular sports car is its no paid feature yeah vulcano titanium does not have any paint on the color is completely natural thanks to titanium and carbon if you're wondering what the cost of owning a splendid car like this is you can get it at 2.9 million dollars.


Are you a fan of formula 1 then you'll love Mercedes amg project one engineers at mercedes have brought Formula One technology from the speed tracks to the street this two-seater magnificent sports car is powerful the horsepower of 1030 it can take you to a top speed of 350 kilometers an hour Mercedes amg project one has made a strong statement on Mercedes way to the future of driving performance you'll be amazed to know that mercedes has not only brought hybrid technology to the streets but also the true feeling of an f1 car the interior of project 1 is completely inspired by f1 cars to make you feel like you're driving f1 you can own one of these splendid beauties for 3.1 million dollars.


Koenigsegg regera is designed to be a luxury sports car that can leave spectators and riders awestruck the new Koenigsegg regera offers a new level of luxury when you ride in this splendid sports car you won't feel vibrations or jerks thanks to the amazing rear subframe developed by the engineers this magnificent mega car is not only about luxury or extremely smooth ride it offers a revolutionary and blistering powertrain called Koenigsegg direct drive thanks to the intense Koenigsegg direct drive this mega car works at 1,100 horsepower with the top speed of 410 kilometers an hour did you know the new Koenigsegg regera is the world's first completely rubber ties car with just a touch of a button you can operate all its closures if you're planning on getting your hands on this amazing car you just need to pay two million dollars.


Valkyrie is asked in Martin's first-ever hypercar it can take you to his top speed of 402 kilometers an hour it's an extremely powerful car with radical aerodynamics Aston Martin Valkyrie has a design that challenges everything the complete carbon-fiber bodywork Aston Martin's trademark is honed for intense performance the Valkyrie is a go getter for Formula one lovers as this hyper car comes very close to an f1 car without being restricted to the track when you drive this powerful Beast you can expect the engine to hustle at 1,130 horsepower and produce intense power to take you from zero to a hundred kilometres an hour in just 2.5 seconds honing this hyper car will not be easy as Aston Martin rolled out only a hundred fifty units but still if you get lucky you can oh this blistering hyper car at 3.2 million dollars.


The Hennessy team worked extensively for more than two years to develop the powerful beast that's being compared to an f5 tornado the all-new venom f5 is built for power and speed with a staggering top speed of 485 kilometers an hour and a 6.6 liter engine pumping 1,450 horsepower this car can make you go crazy over it engineers have combined an extremely lightweight carbon fiber chassis with a twin turbocharged v8 engine to offer a magnificent beast to Speed lovers if you're astonished with the powerful venom f5 and want to see it race through tracks or on streets I have some exciting news it was planned to be released this year in August so for those who want to own it keep one point six million dollars handy.


Boogedy Divo is a magnificent mid-engine car built to be agile better handling features enhanced acceleration and unique design bugatti has created a true masterpiece in the automotive industry with the 21st century's first ever coach built hyper car if you're a fan of luxury and speed this is the sports car for you the diva can take you from zero to 100 kilometres an hour in just 2.5 seconds thanks to its powerful engine hustling at 1,400 80 horsepower this powerful beast comes in a price of five point eight million dollars but it's worthy you can feel the true power of a Bugatti as this hyper sports car can zoom on with the top speed of 380 kilometers an hour.

02 - ARASH AF10

You heard about the hyper cars using f1 car technology but have you ever heard of a car working on spaceship technology well arash af10 does that the af10 comes with a wonderful warp drive system that gives this hyper car the power to operate at 280 horsepower and race off at a top speed of 323 kilometers an hour if you're planning on owning this car you can get it at 1.5 million dollars.


Being regarded as the legend in the history of hypercars Devel sixteen will pioneer a new era for hypercars extensive research and development has led to foul motors to build a supercar that has pushed the boundaries of the industry and achieved unprecedented aerodynamics and intense performance this hyper car is powered with a powerful engine producing 5,000 horsepower and potential to zoom off at a top speed of 500 kilometers an hour the bell 16 can bring you the ultimate feeling of a jet plane there's a lot of high-performing supercars now but in 2017 Devel sixteen was a pioneer and way ahead of its time with a price tag of just two million dollars you.