top 10 best innovative earbuds in 2020

top 10 best innovative earbuds in 2020

In modern days earbuds are not made just for music anymore early 2020 was full of earbuds innovations and we saw some aggressed innovations such as ear hygiene convertibility solar charging and many more as we approach the meat of 2020 it has now become really hard to choose the best innovative earbud for you in a sea of great earbuds but don't you worry because we're about to show you the top 10 best innovative true wireless earbuds that you can have to level up your music experience so without further ado let's get started

Pearl AI-Powered earbuds

Are you worried about recharging your earbuds meet the pearl ai powered earbuds that feature solar charging and delivers premium sound quality and active noise cancellation that makes it the best substitute for airpods these ai-powered earbuds have a unique feature in its charging mechanism these earbuds can be recharged in three different ways like usbc wireless qii or solar charging and with a solar disk from the charging case you can play for more than two hours by 30 minutes of solar charging allowing you to charge your earbuds anywhere you want it to with its ai technology you don't have to worry if you accidentally lose one or both earbuds as it uses approximately known location and notification will be sent to your phone in real time in order to prevent you from losing your earbuds powered by the qualcomm qcc5121 industry leading chip the pearl earbuds deliver premium sound with two type of active noise cancellation feature including silent and quiet mode these earbuds airtips are customizable and the exterior is made of acetate and stainless steel paired with beryllium drivers which makes it ipx5 sweat and water resistant enabling you to get the ultimate safety and comfortability from an earphone.

If you are looking for an earbud that offers complete noise isolation from a noisy environment and has solar charging capabilities for your on-the-go needs then this earbud is just the right one for you the pearl earbuds are well known for solar charging you can get these earbuds at only $149.

Rumixi TWS Earbuds

Enjoy the excellent quality music wherever you go whenever you want with remixed tws earbuds a unique earbud that is packed with features to provide you immersive audio experience it's built in high quality sound chip produces 3d stereo sound to provide you with a crystal clear high and low frequencies to enhance your music vision experience paired with latest noise reduction technology and built-in mic it lets you make hands-free calls anytime anywhere engineered with the most advanced bluetooth 5.0 connectivity these wireless earphones keep precise and undistorted connection within 33 feet of range and they also connect seamlessly with their apple or android phone without any interruption just power them on hold close to your device and enjoy immersive audio packed with a powerhouse 20 to 100 milliamp per hour charging case the earbuds offer 5 hours of play time on their own and up to 80 hours of play time with a charging case so that you can enjoy your favorite playlist for extended time its charging case features an led battery display which shows the current battery status in real time so that you can adjust your listening experience accordingly the ergonomic design with different sized ear cup of this earbuds ensure a secure and comfortable feet so that you can enjoy music for a long time without facing any discomfort it comes with ipx7 waterproof design which prevents sweat and rain water from entering its internals making it a great choice for spores and enables you to listen to your favorite playlist and make calls effortlessly even in the rain

The remakes of tws earbuds will let you enjoy immersive audio wherever you go whenever you want while giving you the ultimate freedom

JBL tune 220TWS

Enjoy your favorite playlist wherever you go with the jbl tune 220 tws a unique in-ear bluetooth headphone that comes in reasonable price range compared to other jbl earbuds these earbuds are small in size but they have a big wow factor the jbl tune 220 sleek metallic finish and soft touch paint enhances your style while providing quality music for your ears its 12.5 millimeter driver features jbl pure bass sound that provides a powerful punch to all of your playlists so you can enjoy quality music every time discover the freedom of a wireless lifestyle on the go now listen to music manage your calls or workout without the fear of tangled wires interrupting your groove the jbl tune 220 tws offers up to 3 hours of non-stop sound for earbuds and 16 hours for pocket size charging case allowing you to enjoy great quality music for a long time

If you are looking for an earbud which produces some serious level of pure bass with powerful punches then the jbl tune 220 tws is the perfect choice for you and these earbuds have received good reviews from the customers and you can get it at around $100 which is amazing

Timekettle M2

Speak and converse freely without any network restriction meet the time kettle m2 a simultaneous life translator that engaged nearly 300 000 users across the globe with the time klm2 every sentence you speak is translated directly in the other person's area and it covers more than 93 languages and accents in real time it also has an offline speech translation allowing you to have an enhanced and efficient conversation in your daily life it has been developed in 14 high-speed servers across the globe and has three different translation modes including touch listen and speaker mode in order to make all the challenges easy for you the time kettle m2 earbuds are relatively comfortable and hold fairly securely in your ear and are ipx for water resistant so they are sweat proof it supports up to 6 hours of listening and translating a single charge and 30 hours of extra battery with a wireless charging case making your m2 compromise free to keep you on the go

If you are a type of person who visits other regions frequently and need the real-time language translation feature then the time kettle empty is just perfect for you and with just 79 you can get these earbuds for yourself and it has earned great ratings and reviews from the customers

Airloop 3-In-1 Convertible Earbuds

Tired of constantly switching between headphones then meet the air loop three in one convertible earbuds which hook and lock neatly into whichever band you fancy for a wired or neckband design or can be worn on their own for a true wireless experience with air loops revolutionary three-in-one ergonomic design and with the leak magnetic technology you will be able to secure your airbus to the sportband or neckband mode quite easily allowing you to quickly go from any place to anywhere without missing a single bit the earlobe superior sound quality with six millimeter dynamic driver provides a high quality audio experience that is preferred by audiophiles gamers and athletes hard by qualcomm's latest 3020 smart audio chip the air loop provides extremely stable connectivity with an ultra low signal latency and provides you with a 10 hour of battery life on a single charge allowing you to enjoy great quality music for a long time the air loop three in one convertible earbuds offer cvc noise cancellation voice assistance auto in-ear detection and ipx7 rating for sweat and water resistance to level up your audio experiences

If you are looking for a three-in-one convertible earbud which can be used for a long time then look no further as the airloop three-in-one convertible earbuds are just perfect for you these earbuds have achieved a good amount of ratings and it's available at around $160.

Bang & olufsen beoplay E8 RD Gen

The third gens bang on the loves and buildplay compact and ergonomic earbuds are for those people who want the best audio possible in fully wireless buds with long battery life in order to level up the listening experience with ip54 dust and splash resistance these earbuds have electrodynamic 5.7 millimeter driver and are tuned by the bno sound engineers for authentic crystal clearance sound experience and the transparency mode will let you tune into your surroundings piano was able to improve the fit thanks to the modest size reduction it used 3d modeling to accommodate a wide range of air shapes and sizes to fit even smaller ears and feel less intrusive with the latest generation technology from qualcomm and bluetooth 5.1 the pno offers a fast and flawless wireless experience while the battery consumption is kept at a minimum it delivers market leading battery performance and with 7 hours of play time and an additional 4 charges in the case the bill play e8 can provide up to 35 hours of play time at moderate listening levels

If you are looking for a pair of earbuds that can provide amazing sound quality with long battery life then the bang olufsen buildplay e8 turgen is just the right choice for you having some awesome rating from the customers these earbuds are available at around $330

Sennheiser momentum true wireless 2

The sennheiser momentum true wireless two earbuds are the company's second step at the true wireless earbuds market it's a solid earbud having deep bass natural mids and clear detail treble that will enhance your listening experience to a whole new level the momentum through wireless 2 offers a slim and lightweight design with ear tubes in four sizes for all-day ergonomic comfort and superior sound isolation while its ips for rated construction lets you use it even in wet conditions it comes with bespoke seven millimeter dynamic drivers and qualcomm's aptx and aac technology that produces crystal clear sound for your ears while its bluetooth 5.1 connectivity offers exceptional lag free audio experience uninterrupted play time with the new 7 hour battery life that can be extended up to 28 hours with a charging case allowing you to enjoy great quality music for a long time it comes with a smartphone app that will let you customize your releasing experience according to your need you can also use the transparent hearing settings to determine how much ambient noise you want to hear

If you are looking for a pair of earbuds that can provide impressive sound quality in music then the sennheiser momentum through wireless 2 is the right choice for you it has earned good reviews and ratings from the customers and you can get it at around $300

Sony headphones WF-XB700

Introducing the sony wf xb700 earbuds a true wireless ergonomic earbud that is constructed with a bold distinctive look and ensures hour after hour of listening comfort these earbuds are ergonomically designed to make contact with three different points on your ear for a secure and comfortable fit with four different sides of hybrid silicone rubber earbuds included you can find the perfect fit for your ears in order to maximize sound quality and minimize outside noise the wf xb700 features extra bass for seriously powerful punchy low end sound and crystal clear treble to put you at the heart of the music enjoy up to 18 hours of listening time thanks to the handy charging case and if you're in a hurry a 10 minute quick charge will give you up to 60 minutes of music playback

If you're looking for an ergonomically designed earbud which can be fitted in your ears perfectly and produces some great music then the sony wf xb700 earbuds are just perfect for you having awesome ratings and reviews from the customers these earbuds can be purchased at around $128.

Anker soundcore liberty 2 pro

The soundcore liberty 2 pro from anker are a pair of feature packed true wireless earbuds that will let you hear peace of quality music wherever you are the liberty 2 pro is the word first to utilize the austria coaxial acoustic architecture endorsed by 10 grammy award-winning audio producers it integrates a customized nose balanced armature and an 11 millimeter dynamic driver that eliminates interference while producing harmonized treble and bass with proper high lows and means thanks to its design as the liberty 2 pro earbuds are decently comfortable and sits outside of your ear so it won't put pressure and cause fatigue after extended listening periods anker also includes seven different size tips and three sizes of stability fins to help you find the best fit the charging case feels quite premium and works with any key enable charger also it can be charged via usb-c the liberty 2 pro gets the benefit of all the battery technology experience and offers 8 hours of playback time once fully charged

If you want an earbud that is tough and ensures a secure fit which is enough for workouts and running then the anker sound core liberty 2 pro will be a good choice for you with excellent reviews and ratings from its users these earbuds are available at $150.

Lg tone free FN6

Introducing the lg tone free hbs sn6 the wireless earbuds on the market that has an eye for air hygiene while featuring superior audio quality in a really tiny size the wireless earbuds are an upgrade to its previous generation and has set a new standard for premium wireless earbuds with high quality sound for calls and music allowing you to experience rich bass most clear and special sound thanks to its tuning by meridian audio while talking with the earbuds you will also enjoy incredible cold clarity as well the earbuds feature bluetooth 5.0 for a simple faster and stable connection with your device the small touch sensitive surface on each earbud lets you make calls control music playback summon google assistant or siri and reads out the incoming notification for you find your missing earbuds or change your equalizer by meridian and unlock more settings from the lg tone and talk app available for android and ios the earbuds have an in-ear design with non-toxic soft medical grade air gel that offers a comfortable fit to your ear and blocks out surrounding noise to provide noise isolation so you can comfortably listen to music with an ipx4 rating they are resistant to water splashes so you can keep listening even in the rain featuring 55 milliampere hourly demand battery on each earbud the lg tone free has music play time of up to 6 hours and with this fast charging capability only 5 minutes of charge can give you up to 1 hour of play time the 390 milliamp hour charging case will provide an additional 12 hours and the charging case also has wireless charging along with usb type-c cable charging the charging case has a uv light built into it which is designed to kill up to 99.99 bacteria that might be living on the earbuds as you charge them the charging case is a minimal and stylish design and comes in a very form factor

The lg tone free hps fn 6 earbuds feature and unique feature for your hygiene and gives you the most impressive and luxurious audio quality making them a perfect pair to be your travel exercise and entertainment companion.