TOP 10 Best Casio G Shock Watches For Men 2020

TOP 10 Best Casio G Shock Watches For Men 2020

The G Shock watches are well-known for the durability reliability and toughness these watches are as Astarte as hard rock and trusted by military personnel and outdoor enthusiasts worldwide however with so many options from the ocean of watches it is really hard to choose the right G Shock watch that is well suited for your needs this is why we have listed down the best G Shock watches just for you so without any further.

G-Shock GA-700-1B

With a muscular appearance g-shock GS 701 B sports a tough look this timepiece represents our powerful and bold design along with amazing features the casing of GS 701 beasts band is made from black regime it features 3d dials and hands everything is encased in mineral glass for a multi-dimensional look it also features a five button configuration all along the perimeter of its casing being a g-shock this watch is shock resistant in addition this watch comes with magnetic resistance that is special to this model as well as water resistance up to 200 meters this g-shock shows you world time of thirty-one time zones and 48 cities time is in both analog and digital formats to improve your reading no matter where you are apart from all these features it has 1 by 100 second stopwatch countdown timer by daily alarms our only time signal full-auto calendar etc.

If you are looking for a dynamic and robust watch that can elaborate your time slap game then the GS 701 B is an ideal option for you the price of the G Shock starts from around $90.

G-Shock GWM5610-1

This is made with a design inspired by the first ever tea shop created it comes with multiband six radio synchronization feature it allows the watch to receive signals from various radio towers around the world to synchronize to an automatic clock for accuracy the g-shock gwm five six one zero one comes with pressure sensor thermometer and a digital compass so you can easily access the direction and temperature information without any hassle its mod resistant case and buttons are sealed to prevent dirt and dust from getting inside the watch the watch is also water resistant up to 200 meters there is in band offers comfort for long time use this model processes of solar rechargeable battery that can last up to seven months on full charge with a further exposure to light

If you're looking for a watch that is cheap functional and tough then the G Shock gwm five six one zero one will be a classic choice for you this watch has excellent user reviews and the prices starts at just around $140.


With the perfect combination of 80s design and modern features gee shucks GA 701 a brightens up your fashion look without burning your wallet this particular model has a semi transparent casing with metallic colors in it the casing and the bezel are made of resin it has a translucent resin strap because of this out of the box design GS 700 the watch has water resistance up to the depth of 200 meters other than this it has drop resistance so this is super durable and you can wear this in the rain and even in toughest environments it has a mineral glass that provides a crystal clear view of the time it has a battery life of five years and super illuminator LED light with selectable illumination duration.

Move on and follow the trends with g-shock ga 781 a a classy beauty that offers the look of the 80s and the convenience of today this g-shock GS 701 a has excellent user reviews and you can get it for around $120.

G-Shock Men's GBD800UC

Your workouts training and practice sessions are going to be more efficient with g-shock men's gb d800 you see it offers tons of facilities without losing passion that you need in your dynamic lifestyle you'll get access to several functions that will enhance your workout its daily hab and fitness support functions include a three axis accelerometer that keeps track of step counts the app also calculates the calories you burn to is specify a daily step target it has Bluetooth connectivity and app support this watch excels with its 200 meter water resistance and shock resistance it's multi timer lets you create up to 20 timer combinations of five timers each it is memory for up to 200 lap records you just need to plan and record your workout the fitness oriented digital model has some good looking designs and utility colors that maximize the coordination possibilities with both everyday passions and training where

This g-shock gb d800 you see is suitable for an LED squad of talented athletes to make workouts more effective and fun the user reviews for this model are excellent and you can buy this G shop at around $100


Setting the standard for timekeeping toughness g-shock GX 56b v1 that captures the sense of wanton risen it has the very essence of the rough and tough basic G Shock image for everyone it offers water resistance up to 200 meters it has mod and shock resistance to withstand extreme outdoor conditions all of these features ensure a long life of this black beast under the hood the watch features a tough solar-powered battery for its operation this feature will allow to maintain stable operation even for the power-hungry functions the approximate battery life for this battery is 11 months on a full charge this G Shock watch is ideal for sports and athletics the alarm calendar and wartime facilities tab the users stay organized this watch has a daylight saving on and off and city code display

If black is your favorite color and durability is on your demand then the G Shock GX 56b b1 is the perfect choice for your next adventure with excellent user reviews you can buy this G shock at around $150.

G-Shock Mudmaster GG-1000-1A3CR

The new addition to the g-shock mat master series GG 1001 each VCR is a perfect combination of durability and GPS tracking so that you'd never get lost during your outdoor explorations this watch has twin sensor capabilities providing instant access to directions and temperature information when needed under tough conditions its built-in thermometer ensures the weather temperature up to 140 Fahrenheit the mat master GG 1000 has a maximum water resistance which is up to 200 meters the device also comes with mud resistant construction it prevents any mud and dust from getting into the watch so you don't need to worry about the harsh situation you face the face of the g-shock is illuminated by a high brightness auto led to ensure high visibility in low-light conditions the battery life for this model is 2 years the overall design is tough and rugged

Explore every corner of any remote area in the world with a getting off track with g-shock smart master GG 1000 183 CR this particular g-shock model has excellent user reviews and you can get this one for around $350

G-Shock Mudman G-9300-1

Explore the world's unknown places with an impenetrable G sharp mud man G 9301 this is well known for his unbeatable battery and amazing GPS tracking the mud man G 9301 features a twin sensor of compassed and thermometer with an easy one touch press button the g-shock compass and thermometer sensor gets activated this water also features a moon phase graph to determine whether the nighttime hours will be dark or light the G 9301 has shock and mud resistance along with its 200 meter water resistance the battery is solar rechargeable and one a full charge the battery could last for up to seven months tough solar ensures stable operation while using power-hungry functions a mix of all these features make this an ideal watch for rugged outdoors

If you love hill climbing hunting or hiking the G Shock madman G 9301 is the perfect choice for you because it has long battery life compass and thermometer the madman G 9301 has excellent user ratings and you can get this at around $220.


Designed for use in the most extreme conditions g-shock range Manji pRb 1001 gr is built to achieve the ultimate toughness that g-shock pursues this is the world's first solar-powered GPS survival watch once activated the GPS will last for over 30 hours on a single solar charge he tracks the locations and guides you on pre uploaded Drew's activities backtracking mode and you can follow the route you have already taken it has an altimeter a barometer and a thermometer there is a compass for easy navigation like every other watch that has g-shock DNA in it range man can withstand a fall from 10 meters it has water resistance up to 200 meters you can transfer travel information to your phone through g-shock connected app to ensure the long life the GPR B 1001 gr features wireless and solar charging system unlike the solar powered watches range man is continuously powered by any light source even in cloudy and foggy weather.

If you want to make every harsh outdoor environment a field of activity with solar-powered battery and GPS then there is nothing more appealing than range menB 1001 gr.


To make adventure efficient for outdoor enthusiasts and hikers g-shock comes with the ggb 100 183 this G Shock watch has a compassed thermometer and a pressure sensor along with barometer and altimeter the force sensor in this model is an accelerometer that senses the acceleration of gravity tilts vibration and keeps track of your footsteps these readings can be stored on your smartphone via bluetooth this watch has shock resistance water resistance up to 200 meters mod and dust resistant for any extreme survival situation like the mod master this wash also offers durability but in a lightweight body with a carbon core is structured case this watch will allow you to keep yourself protected from any shock induced damage additionally this watch connects through g-shock app that helps with the overall configuration it also records altitude data route information and step counts for later use.

If you are looking for a lightweight watch that is durable enough for your outdoor trips then the G shock mod master ggb 101 a3 is the perfect choice for you this product has excellent user reviews and you can get this G Shock watch for around $360.

G-Shock Rangeman GW-9400-1CR

As we approach to the number one g-shock in our list meet the Rangeman GW-9400-1CR this is by far the highest selling tough and rugged survival watch from G shop this is the first G Shock model to be equipped with the famous triple sensor which includes an altimeter barometer and thermometer along with a compass the altimeter and barometer sensors have a measuring range of 700 to 10,000 meters it shows thermal readings and a barometric pressure graph the thermometer shows accurate readings and the compass indicates the north as well as the bearing objective with this water resistance up to 200 meter and low temperature resistance up to minus 10 degree Celsius you can dive into water without any hassle

The Rangeman GW-9400-1CR has a long-lasting solar rechargeable battery that is rated for up to seven months on a single charge so that you won't have to worry about access to electricity to keep your watch working the Rangeman GW-9400-1CR is the perfect choice for Rangers rescue crews and anyone whose profession demand absolute reliability this g-shock arrangement GW 90 401 has excellent reviews and you can have this if you want a turn $330 so that is all about top 10 best G Shock watches for you.