Top 10 Camping Gear everything you need

Top 10 Camping Gear everything you need

Over landing enthusiasts spend much of their time on the road divided between the inside of a vehicle and the great outdoors their lifestyle demands a lot of gear but also requires the ability to store and transport the gear in small spaces everything an overlander owns must serve a purpose making picking out a suitable gear a challenge that's why in today's video we're going to talk about the top 10 best over landing gears that can enhance your overland tree let's get started.

LifeSaver Jerrycan 20000UF Water Purifier

Whether you are on an overland travel or an expedition the lifesaver jerrycan is a portable purifying canister solution that provides clean and filtered drinking water weighing at around eight pounds it offers 18.5 liter water capacity and it's capable of producing 5280 total gallons of clean water before the filter needs to be changed it can filter 4 liters of water per minute so you will get fresh water every time its bpa and bps reconstruction has replaceable activated carbon discs that help to remove chlorine foul test and order for up to 500 liter water ensuring storage of fresh and hygienic water in addition it is military spec compliant which makes it extremely durable and sturdy so you can depend on it without any second thoughts besides this water gallon is u.s army health certified and has passed the nsfp-248 standards for the virus allowing maximum safety.

An ideal water purification solution that provides maximum clean and filtered drinking water the lifesaver jerrycan is a must-have gear for overland travelers having pretty good reviews and ratings from the customers this water purifier starts from $290.

Decked Storage Boxes

A revolutionized storage system that is compatible with maximum trucks made the decade storage boxes that are the perfect solution for an overland trip designed for a truck bed that is 5 feet 6 inch long it can carry heavy loads up to 2000 pounds and this maximizes the utility of your truck bit so you can carry all of your overland essential gears on it it also offers a durable rugged weatherproof system made in the usa from recycled high density polyethylene this storage box can withstand extreme weather elements and intense uv light exposure moreover it is compatible with every truck and vans including ford f-150 ram 1500 chevrolet silverado toyota tundra and many more so that you can make your overland trip a roaring success.

Organize all of your essential belongings on the decade storage box that offers maximum payload capacity and excellent compatible facility making this the ultimate companion for an overland travel and this storage box has earned amazing reviews from the customers and you can get it at around $1150.

Decked Storage Boxes

Designed for legendary durability and hardcore comfort the yeti trailhead capture will make your next overland trip a total breeze it offers extremely breathable uv rated flex grid fabric which will not break down under sunlight making you stay comfortable designed with pack away frame with a lock down locking system this chair can easily carry up to 500 pounds of weight which ensures excellent strength and stretch even on an unpolished trail in addition for extra comfort it comes with an armrest and an adjustable cup holder where you can keep your drinks without any problem besides this charged leg is anchored with ultra strong ground grip fit primed for any terrain which means these grips help keep the chair stick with the ground offering adequate balance and convenience.

Make your overland trip more comfortable with a yeti trailhead capture that offers excellent strength on every trail and this product has earned pretty great reviews and ratings from the customers and you can get it with a price tag of around $300.

Kinsmen Hardware Shower Room

Getting dirty on an overland journey is a common thing but don't you worry as the kinsman hardware shower room offers speedy setup and plenty of privacy when it's time to get squeaky clean it's rolled up still position makes for a quick unzip swing or stake which means the fast deployed design will have you singing shower tunes in 25 seconds offering full deep entrance it has 36 by 36 inch floor area and the roomy cut will make you wish your home shower was this much luxurious made in the usa this shower system is handmade from tubular steel and oxford fabric while featuring brass and stainless steel hardware to represent the top-built tradition of american goods made to last a lifetime moreover its fabric and tubular steel rods are strong enough to withstand storms and heavy winds so without being worried you can use this shower for a long time.

Clean yourself or take a relaxing shower on an overland trip as the kinsman hardware shower room is manufactured in the usa to last long.

Camp Chef Everest 2X High-Pressure Stove

Introducing the camshaft era's 2 inch high pressure stove don't be fooled by its compact size as this stove packs a lot of power under the hood to take your camp kitchen to the next level of your overland tree packed with two 20 000 btu burners the everest offers quick matchless propane ignition no matter what your coordinates are it can boil one liter of water under three minutes and offers an appliance style temperature control adventure seekers will enjoy a generous 215 square inches of cooking space engineered for maximum cooking area so you can prepare your favorite meal the burner is forged with durable aluminum and this along with the nickel coated steel cooking weight makes the airbrush strong enough to hold your pots and skillets without any hassle weighing around 12 pounds it has the locking lead and carrying handle that lets you take the stove anywhere with ease so get out there and conquer everything with your everest.

Cook your favorite meal with the average 2x stove which is designed for an overland tree band forged with durable materials so that it can last long and with good ratings and reviews from the customers this tube is now available at around $145.


Keep your drinks and fruits icy cool on the ice cone jp50 an essential refrigerator for overland trip that offers maximum carrying capacity in order to keep things fresh it boasts of a brilliant 50 liter capacity so you can organize all of your drinks fruits and fishes to keep them fresh and cool to make your travel more fun the jp50 features two different modes eco and max that offers adjustable temperature from -7 degree fahrenheit to 50 degree fahrenheit which keeps everything fresh in the fridge it also has a power saving mode to make your trip efficient its high quality germany c cup compressor is atl certified that ensures the fridge will get enough power to keep your drinks and fruits fresh and cool equipped with three stage dynamic battery protection system it makes sure that the refrigerator stays safe from overland additionally its ergonomic design with the carry handle on each side makes it portable so you can carry it on every overland trip

Make your overland trip more efficient and fun with the isco jp50 a portable fridge that offers fantastic capacity to keep your things fresh and clean having excellent reviews and ratings from the customers you can find this product at around $560.

Southern Expeditions Pack Flat Fire Pit

Compact and easy to store or transport this southern expedition's fire pit is an ideal companion for an overland trip it is a portable fire pit that goes wherever you go offering 12 by 12 inch cooking grate it is coated with boiled linseed oil for steel seasoning and rust prevention so you can cook your favorite meal on an overland trip proudly made in the usa the fire pit is filled with durable steel and has coating which prevents it from rust so you can use it for a long time weighing at around 33 pounds you can easily disassemble and it packs flat for transport in seconds carrying it wherever you want in addition it comes with a carrying case constructed from high-end materials making it incredibly durable hence you can carry this speed without any hassle.

Add more fun and enjoy the precious moments with the southern inspirations pack flat fire pit that offers amazing cooking surface in a portable body and the price of this product starts from $280.

Garmin Overlander GPS All-Terrain Navigation Device

Built for every part of the journey the government overlander gps is rugged and will not let you get lost in any part of the journey it features a turn by turn directions for onward navigation and topography maps for outfit guidance covering entire north and south america besides it is also paired with inrid satellite for two ways text message interactive sos and weather forecast garmin is pre-loaded with overlander points of interest and also in public campgrounds so you will not need a cell signal to root your way with a 7-inch color touchscreen you can integrate pitch and roll gauges in order to help you navigate through difficult terrain it has 64 gigabytes internal storage where you can store 25 routes and 10 000 waypoints for quick navigation you can also download additional maps and usgs squad sheets with an app through wi-fi connection additionally the garmin overlander is also ip5x rated and can be connected to your existing backup camera it also has a magnetic mount so you can mount it anywhere it also comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can survive on an average of 3 hours on gps mode.

Go beyond and store every unknown trail without getting lost as the garmin overlander navigation device is your next overland companion and this product has earned pretty good reviews and ratings from the customers and you can find it at stores starting from $700.


With more than double storage capacity the gold zero et 500x will keep your whole family charged on an overlanding trip or on the go power in case of emergencies powered by a 505 watt hourly demand battery it can power up all of your devices including laptops juicer portable fridge and more devices in addition it features two usb a five volt port one 18 watt usb c along with a 60 watt pd port and two 300 watt ac outlets to make your overland trip successful additionally its built-in led display indicate battery capacity with input and output power delivery so you will know what's happening on the device forged with durable aluminum and plastic it is compact and portable in addition for easy carrying facility it has a foldable handle with a comfortable non-slip grip so you can easily hold it in your hand moreover with additional solar panel you can recharge its battery or use the 12 volt car port for quick charging it has mppt charge controller with low battery protection that ensures the safety of the device.

Power up all of your gears and essential belongings with the gold zero yeti 500x a must-have gear for overlanding trip for you and with amazing reviews and ratings from the customers you can find this power station at around $700.

iKamper Skycamp Mini Roof-Top Tent

Don't let small car size stop your love of overland rip the i capper skycam mini roof top tent offers a short expandable shield that is perfect for your trucks bed or the roof of a smaller vehicle this three season roof top 10 offers two-person sleeping capacity it will take only one minute to set up so without waiting you can jump onto the tent its thick cotton canvas is filled with breathable memory foam which reduces condensation and makes it quieter in the wind than polisher fabric without compromising the comfort it also offers quilted insulation and features a signature world map design that has rung to the tent so you will stay warm and clumsy on your journey the outer shell is made from fiber rainforest that protects the tent while you are on the road its double layer shell has air insulation for strength sound proofing water resistance and resistance condensation for keeping things dry and safe it has aluminum nickel plated rods that hold the tent in position it also has two side windows that will let you take in the views and provide great ventilation this rooftop tent is also compatible with suv.

Truck and any other vehicle offering excellent comfort for two adults with durable high-end materials which makes it an ideal companion for over laundry and with great reviews and ratings from the customers you can get the stand at around $3500 so that was all about the top 10 best over landing gears for you.